12 Photos That Prove We Have No Idea How Food Grows

In the past few decades the food industry in North America was revolutionized. Some people are standing against the technological and agricultural advancement, while some are supporting and standing with them. It is not a lie that every meal is available 24/7 and it doesn’t take much time to be cooked (we are talking about processed foods).

To make you understand what we are talking about, a reader from our articles, sent us an email in which the reader explained how she has heard 2 children playing together, and one of the kids asked the other one does it know from where does the milk come from, and the other one replied -- from the store!

Maybe the kid knew that we get the milk from cows but our point with this, is that people are not aware from where does the food they eat come from or how does it grow and how it looks. This is a result that we got from the stressed out, and over worked society we live in today. And most of the families are on a very stable diet that is rich of processed foods. It really depends where you live, because only a small group of people are buying the meat and produce locally. But the other group of people which is a lot larger, are consuming foods that have passed thousands of miles and were added many freshening chemicals until they have reached the store and then our plate at home.

Therefore, we have made a list of foods and some pictures that will show you what certain foods look like before they are harvested, which looks nothing close to the ones we buy and eat at home!

12 Photos of Weird Foods That Aren’t Weird When You Learn What They Are

1. Pistachios

Of course there is no plastic package over here, they are growing high in the trees and they look wonderful before they are harvested and they have the prettiest colors.

2. Sesame Seeds

If you get those small pods, and cut them open with something you will find the sesame seeds in small rows lined up from top to bottom.

3. Almonds

They are quite similar to the pistachios, they grow on trees or in smaller bunches, even though that they look a little fuzzy when they are younger, they get darker and dryer as they become riper before they get opened up.

4. Vanilla

Very few people know how the vanilla looks like, because all of us are using only the vanilla extract. In fact naturally the plant has long, and green string beans, and when it is harvested the strings become brown and dark, and that is the form we are familiar with.

5. Saffron

This is a spice that is very famous, and it is among the most expensive ones! But before the stigmas or red strands growing outward are dried and added as an aroma, color or lend flavor into dishes, they are harvested and plucked.

6. Cinnamon

The cinnamon sticks we know are far from the natural form of cinnamon, there are large cinnamon tree barks from which cinnamon is harvested.

7. Cocoa Beans or Cacao

You weren’t expecting this for sure, before the beans are processed and dried and all that, they are looking nothing like you have imagined!

8. Cashews

They look like some sort of an alien food, they are the weirdest and most strange looking food on this list!

9. Quinoa

Until the quinoa goes from white to brown, it must go through a lot, until it becomes the best thing to add in your meals.

10. Artichokes

These are plants that are growing low on the ground, but it is hard to see one in its natural environment.

11. Capers

For your enjoyment the reddish green pods are harvested from this plant, for your favorite lox and bagel topped with capers and red onions.

12. Dates

Did you know that the dates are growing on the palms in enormous clusters like these?

Surely there are a lot more foods that would take us thousands of years to recognize when they are in their natural form. But hopefully this will spark a new appreciation of what you eat or consume, because it did in all of us!

Source: theheartysoul.com