19 Ways to Use Coconut Oil: Including Boost Energy and Weight Loss

Coconut oil has lots of benefits for the human’s health and if you already know have it in your kitchen than you probably know most of them. Here we have good 19 reasons why you should include coconut oil in your eating regimen in order to absorb the best for your body. This article will show you that coconut oil can be used in so many other ways not only in the kitchen.

So here is the list of the 19 ways of using coconut oil:

Bulletproof coffee

There are people who do not prefer black coffee, but they want something to spice it like sugar, cream, milk etc. Coconut oil is one healthy and good alternative. Add in your coffee coconut oil has not only serves for good taste but is also nutritive. It can boost your energy level, speeds your metabolism and improve your immune system. A teaspoon or two of coconut oil mixed in the coffee is one healthy start for the day.

Make up remover

Lots of ladies sites have written on the topic removing make up naturally. For example at Allure we have whole post on how to remove make up with coconut oil.

Coconut oil will clean your make up and moisturize the skin at the same time.


Noisy door or office char can be easily solved with the help of coconut oil. Just rub some oil and it is done. This is a 100% better way than the alternatives of toxic or flammable sprays.

Use the spread of coconut oil on the affected area until the squeak sound is gone.

Cleanse sticky stuff

Dependably missing the mark on that goo especially utilized in order to eliminate the sticky change, generally from price labels or stickers? Coconut oil is phenomenal in this case.

It can be truly disordered to just use the oil with no other combination, so perceive DIY Natural’s recommendation and you can also include a little bit of baking soda. It’ll be less requesting to apply it on the sticky zone and after that rub off.

Head lice

Coconut oil or also the coconut oil infused shampoo are proven to be more efficient in case of eliminating head lice than all the chemically based treatment people commonly use today.

When coconut oil is rubbed on the scalp and hair it covers it and enables the lice’s ability to do anything, mostly because of its fatty substance! In this case it is impossible for them to get the blood dinner it needs to eat, they cannot hold brisk to the hair and scalp, and they can’t move around and rehash.

Basically utilize oil into hair and scalp and allow it to work its magic the entire night. In the morning brush hair completely (the lice should slide sensible off), by then wash clearly. Since it is all wide, you can use it again as required.


You must read the label of your antiperspirant. In case it contains something in it that you don’t grasp what it is, I move you to have a go at something more trademark—coconut oil, in spite of a couple of uncommon things.
Wellness Mama will provide you with the needed instructions on how to make coconut oil trademark antiperspirant. She states that the sweating is reduced a lot, to such a degree and it clearly very efficient. A couple of times she has expected that would use subtly got antiperspirant and can hardly hold up when she can return to her common recipe.

Eliminates basic itches

In case you have a problem with itching from an insect bite or different itching, all you need to do is to apply some coconut oil on it and the itching will stop. Some people state it even works for bothering scalp and eczema. It’s all anticipated so it will not cause any side-effects, but you need to consult a doctor in case you are experiencing severe itchiness.

Furniture polish

Did you fathom that diverse furniture shines are full with carcinogens in them, like nitrobenzene and phenol. Use coconut oil instead and see how it connects with your furniture to glimmer and continue going a long time by foreseeing any damage.

You ought to just add a little lemon juice to it.


You can make your own natural toothpaste using some baking soda, coconut oil and one drop of peppermint oil! Quick, best natural toothpaste.

You may need some time to get used to it, however this toothpaste elective works shockingly well to get teeth flawless and white, what’s more moderate tooth sensitivities.


The sweet taste and the smooth texture make this ingredient perfect for the smoothie recipes. The presence of good fat in the oil lowers the cholesterol level. I general this type of fat present in the coconut oil is easily absorbed and used as energy. This means that this oil won’t stick on your hips or belly.

Coconut oil is beneficial for cardio related issues, like heart problems, prevents clogging and also good for digestive issues. So in order to add a little bit healthy taste to your smoothie add some coconut oil and enjoy in the delicious for example Pineapple Coconut Kale Smoothie.

Cooking oil

There are no differences compared to other oils, just use it like you regularly use vegetable or cooking oil. The World’s healthiest foods stated that coconut oil does not lose its benefits when is heated. It has a great point of heating.

Popcorns happened to be more delicious when are cooked in coconut oil. All you have to do is to prepare the popcorns with coconut oil. Put on tablespoon of coconut oil add some kernels, and salt, cover with the lid as you normally do and make the procedure of back and forth in order to prepare the popcorns.

Coconut oil is more durable than any other oils. Do not hesitate to buy it when you see it on sale.

Athlete’s foot

You don’t have to buy any more different kinds of foot sprays. All you need is to spray some coconut oil on the affected area and eat some as natural prevention.

Coconut oils have many properties divided in different aspects. It could be antifungal. It is also rich in lauric and capric acid. It is already known how coconut grows. In many areas which are more prone to fungal infection, coconut oil is used to heal the unpleasant suffer from fungal issues.

Cure acne

Coconut oil is the best treatment for facial oil! Because of its antibacterial properties, it is very efficient in battling the infection site, for this circumstance skin break out, suitably. Additionally, since it is a generally facilitating, with stores of phenomenal vitamins for your skin, it will reduce the redness of the skin and puffiness as well.

In a general sense, wipe it over the affected go amidst the night, so it has adequate essentialness to act on the skin for a couple of hours. In like path ingest for included measure.

Fire starter

You can just soak a cotton ball or bit of tissue in coconut oil and you have a fast and key fire starter, in case you do not have dry kindling or a newspaper.

It depletes on a very basic level slower, making it less confounding to use as brief light or in case you need to start a bigger fire or. Additionally it has an excellent smell!

Shaving cream

Coconut oil is an electrifying substitute for furtively secured shaving cream. Basically smooth it on and go in for a close to shave. It has an amazing smell and will leave your skin feeling fragile and smooth.

Diaper rash

There are many culprits for the appearance of diaper rash, such as infection or yeast, as cleared up at Home Remedies for Life. Coconut oil is very efficient in the treatment of these problems, and it makes a not too frightful obstacle in hindering the upcoming rashes.

It’s 100% natural, making it less requesting on skin, and it sees much better than anything any number of subtly got rash creams.

Weight decrease

Coconut oil also contains a lot of calories, so consider that—however eating a touch of coconut oil can truly help your weight diminishing objectives. It can diminish the cravings for various sustenances, empower your metabolism to be faster, and give you enough energy to work out.

It is recommended by the Healthy Home Economist to consume some coconut oil about 20 minutes before a supper to lessen general sustenance accreditation. She in like manner states the amount of food you should eat, subordinate upon your present weight. Here are some more information: coconut oil for weight decreasing.

In like way, you can find some additional info from Jillian Michaels (thriving and success ace): coconut oil estimation for helpful perfect conditions and weight reduce.

You can also find this book for extra information on coconut oil for weight reducing, dealing with the ensured structure and foreseeing disease: The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D..

Cast iron maintenance

When you season cast squeeze cookware, it is recommended to use some oil on it. Many use different sorts of oil, yet coconut oil influences a stupendous appearing to up with respect to. Coconut oil has a high burn rate, it’s better for you, and it’s non-stick.

Bug repellent

You can also use coconut oil as an amazing bug repellent combines with some other things such as essential oils. It doesn’t continue going for the term of the day, so keep reapplying as required.

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