2-Ingredient Mixture to Effectively Help Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

Our everyday hygiene includes cleaning our ears as well, and sometimes there are earwax build ups because they are hard to notice, and we try to clean them when it is too late. Since it was proven that the Q-ti[s are not the right thing to use for cleaning our ears, we must focus on other solutions, in order to clean our ears from the wax, and keep our ear drums clean.

You can go into a health store or a pharmacy store and find many ear cleaners, that are commercially shown to people, but why rush and buy them when we can give you a perfect natural home remedy that will provide even better results, and save you a lot of money too!

The remedy we are about to tell you is totally natural, and it contains alcohol and white vinegar, keep reading and see for yourself.

The alcohol is included in this remedy, because it has been proven that whenever it comes in touch with any kind of bacteria it will eliminate it 85%, which makes it a perfect cleaner and disinfectant.

The white vinegar also has powerful antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, which makes it able to fight against infections too.

These two ingredients are beneficial on their own, imagine if you combine them together, they will form a combo that can destroy any infection, and there will be no earwax buildup that they cannot destroy, also the mixture will not cause any discomfort or pain, once it is inside the ear.

This remedy is recommended in case of wax build ups or ear infections, but be aware that it is always a better idea to consult with a specialist or a doctor first, and take medications if the doctor recommends you to.

Earwax and Ear Infections Home Remedy Recipe

As we said above in the article, for this remedy you will only need rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

Mix 1 part of white vinegar with 1 part of rubbing alcohol. Take a single teaspoon (about 5 ml) and pour it directly in your ear, while tilting the head on the opposite direction. Stay like that for about a minute or so. Then after 1 minute, sit straight and let the mixture get out of the ear, and sit until it is all out. Now you can do the same for the other ear as well.

Using this method 2 times on daily basis, will eliminate the earwax build ups, treat any infection and trapped water.

Disclaimer: Do not replace any prescribed medication with anything you have read here. Also if you don’t experience any positive changes after 3 days of using this remedy, please go see a specialist or your doctor.

However this natural home remedy has helped many people that had ear problems, which is why we recommend you to try it out, because it has the ability to relieve from earache, treat ear infection and do all this in a short period of time!

Source: theheartysoul.com