21 Simple Remedies To Make Your Home Pest-Free Without Harmful Chemicals

Everybody enjoys summertime, isn’t that right? When we think of summer, we think of camping trips, sunny days and pool fun, and other amazing things. It is not all that nice because summer also has the insects and bugs that constantly annoy us. We are usually stretching for several days after coming home from the outing.

Numerous people choose to protect themselves by utilizing insect repellents that have DEET in their content. But, you need to know that these types of repellents contain high amounts of dangerous chemicals that can impact our health and also be the reason for many different health problems. So in this case, the best choice is to turn towards natural remedies for repelling insects. Luckily there are numerous natural things which are safe to use and are also more efficient compared to the commercial products filled with chemicals. Try them out!

Natural ways to repel insects

Citrus peels

If your house has spiders in some places like windowsills or bookshelves, you can rub some citrus fruit peels on them.


In order to keep the mosquitoes away you need to consume a lot of garlic. Bugs can sense the garlic when the body secrets it and they will keep away. You can also sprinkle some garlic powder inside the house; of you do not want the garlic breath.


If you want to hinder the bugs to get inside the house, you need to plant some fragrant herbs at the back and front door of the house. You can choose from lemongrass, mint, catnip, citronella, garlic, basil, and even bay leaves!


Another amazing natural bug repellent is cinnamon. The experts state that in case you put some cinnamon in one line where the bugs enter the house, you can make sure that the line will not be crossed. An additional thing you need to know is that if you also put some cinnamon in the children’ sandboxes, it is another way to repel bugs.


Chalk actually frightens ants. Not in fact frightened, but they do not walk over chalk. Because of this fact, in case you need to get rid of ants at home, just use chalk to draw some line in your house and be astonished by the outcomes.

Dryer sheets

In order to keep gnats, mosquitoes and other insects away while you are hiking, camping or gardening, you just need to put some dryer sheet inside the pocket.

Baking soda and sugar

Everybody knows that sugar attracts the cockroaches. So mix same amounts of baking soda and sugar and place them in places where you have noticed cockroaches. The mixture of baking soda and sugar will impact their digestive system and they will die.

Wear light clothing

Choose to wear light-colored clothing and avoid the dark colored ones. Dark colored clothes actually attract mosquitoes, so this is also an efficient way to keep the bugs away from you.

Soybean oil

Soybean can also be utilized as a highly efficient bug repellent, besides its common use in cooking. One study has proven that the insect repellents that contain soybean oil are efficient in repelling mosquitoes for exactly 94.6 minutes, which is longer that other repellents based on plants.

Use unscented toiletries

Fruit and flowers naturally attract the bugs. So in case you are utilizing strawberry-mango shampoo, you will attract them. So if you want to prevent the bug bites, it is important to utilize body products that have no scent.

Get rid of standing water

Standing water is also the perfect environment for mosquitoes, so get rid of it if you have it at home. Eliminate all the stagnant water that you have in any containers at home. You should also trim the grass short in order to get rid of all the annoying pests.


In order to resolve the moth problems, natural cedar is the best natural way. Moths have an aversion to cedars so putting cedar shavings or blocks inside the closet or dresser can keep these things away and protect your clothes from being destroyed.

Lemon Eucalyptus oil

Experts state that lemon eucalyptus oil is also as efficient as DEET in repelling mosquitoes. It is also very useful for hindering deer tick bites.

White vinegar

Ant issues can efficiently be solved with some white vinegar. You just need to add some white vinegar and spray in all the places in the house where you have seen ants.

Keep a clean house

You can also keep the pests away by maintaining the house clean. All you need is to regularly vacuum, dust and wash all the places with some soapy water.

Baby powder

Baby powder is another highly efficient natural repellent even more that DEET. All you need to do is to put some baby powder in the house. It will soon give the wanted results.

Cucumber slices

Take a cucumber, slice it and let it stay in your kitchen. Ants are not fans of cucumber, and they avoid them, so they will not get near the kitchen.


Take a bowl of water and put in some sliced onions in it. This will efficiently repel the bugs. If you also want to protect the garden plants, take some onion plants and put them in the garden like ‘companion plants’.

Vanilla extract

There is another way to repel insects besides using the garlic or onions that have intense smell. Just make a mixture of water and some vanilla extract and you can also include mint, lemongrass or lavender extracts. Besides having a nice smell it is also very efficient in repelling the insects.


Bugs are also attracted by the hormones and pheromones that our body releases when we sweat or stress. So it is important to keep calm, and not to attract the bugs. Also do not workout outside, but inside with the air-conditioning.


Bugs are also repelled by the smell of lemony grass-like plants. A lot of outside torches, candles and lanterns contain citronella. So due to this it is considered as another highly efficient natural repellent. So the options are to plant citronella grass outside of your house, use the candles, or apply the oil on your skin.

Source: juicing-for-health.com