4 Easy Lower-Abdominal Exercises For Women To Do At Home

If you want to build muscles in the abdominal area and get rid of the fats it takes a lot of commitment and patience, they are quite stubborn. But with everybody having busy lives, sometimes you cannot go to the gym and exercise for an hour or go for a run.

But that is not something you should be panicking about, because we will show you some exercises, and we guarantee you that they will take you one step closer to what you want to achieve. There are three types of abdominal exercises, ones for upper abs, ones for lower abs and ones for the oblique. In order to have a proportional abdominal structure you need to do all types of the abdominal exercises. Therefore we would like to present you these 4 simple exercises that will not require any equipment, and you can preform them at home:

1. Plank

This is a very simple exercise, but yet so effective. With this exercise you will be able to increase the strength of your core only by using your own body weight. With this exercise you will burn a lot of calories, and you will engage every single muscle in the abdominal area. With the plank exercise you will also enhance your coordination, improve your balance and posture as well, and reduce the pain in your back. But if you are dealing or experiencing overweight or pelvic pains you shouldn’t do the exercise.


  • To protect yourself from elbow injuries use a mat
  • Bend your elbows and assume a push-up body position
  • Make sure your elbows are completely aligned with your shoulders
  • Make sure the spine is totally parallel to the ground
  • Then tighten your stomach and make sure you are completely flat comapred to the floor and stay in that position
  • Hold that position for at least half a minute
  • Try to keep your breathing pattern, regular

2. Mountain Climb Exercises

This is also a very good abdominal exercise, it will engage every muscle in the abdominal area as well. It will burn a lot of calories too and will work certain major muscle blocks as well. With it you can test your balance, endurance, agility and coordination. This simple movement is stimulating and enhancing flexibility and healthy blood circulation. But if you are pregnant or if you are dealing with back pan do not preform the exercise.


  • You need to always be careful with your body alignment, because that will make most of the benefits from the exercise
  • Go down in a push-up body position and place your hands in a line with your shoulders
  • Make sure your feet are hip-width apart and suck your stomach up
  • Then with one of your legs try to move it upwards by bending your knee and reach your chest, also don’t forget about the alignment of your body
  • Then return the leg into the starting position and do it with the other leg as well
  • Keep going with the exercise with both legs, and you can also accelerate your pace

3. Russian Twists

If you want to strengthen your lower back and core, the Russian twists are the perfect exercise for you. It will engage each abdominal muscle and mostly it is adored by women who want to tighten their abdomen and burn a lot of fat from it. With the exercise you will also be able to improve your stability and increase your flexibility as well. Once you get used to the exercise it is very fun to preform.


  • Sit on the floor or use a mat
  • Plant your feet in the ground and slightly bend your knees
  • Keep your spine straight and suspend your torso for about 45 degrees
  • Your palms should be together in front of you
  • Your torso should be rotating in the abdominal area, while your palms should be moving together to the sides of your hips and then to the opposite side
  • Do the rotating motion for at least 30 seconds

4. Crunch

With this exercise you will also engage each abdominal muscle region and test your stability, agility, flexibility and endurance. It is a very effective exercise for abdominal muscles and can be preformed at home as well. It will strengthen your core, improve the body posture and burn a lot of calories. But if you are dealing with osteoporosis or back pain do not preform the exercise.


  • Lie on your back and face the ceiling, then press the feet in the ground, you should place them away from your waist, as you are comfortable the most
  • Put your hands on your head and lock them, your elbows should be opened and they should be pointing towards the outside
  • Your chin should be tilted inwards slightly and your core muscles should be tightened
  • Feel the impact on the core muscles by lifting your torso off the floor
  • Hold that position for about 3 seconds and then go back to the starting position
  • Do 12 reps like these

Source: cleannaturalmedicine.com