6 Cancer-Linked Products You Should Get Rid Of

We all consider our home as our sanctuary. But this has been altered in the modern times, and it can hold more danger that being safe. There are a lot of new things known for methylene chloride, formaldehyde, and nitrobenzene – which are all considered to be carcinogens which are present in the things we use o a daily basis like shampoos, dyes, rubber, perfumes, plastic.

Here are some of the commonly used products which we consider are safe to use, and learn about the medical problems they can cause. Then reconsider about using them and eliminate all the cancer causers from the home and have a healthy surrounding for you loved ones and yourself.

1. Candles

The U.S. Buyer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), conducted a research that showed that 40 percent of candles available have lead wires inside their wicks. Scented candles most generally have lead wicks. The wax is softer due to fragrance oil, so the producers utilize lead to make the wicks firmer.

A candle that has a lead-center wick discharges five times the measure of lead pondered dangerous for kids and beats Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sullying benchmarks for outside air, says the CPSC. Prologue to high measures of lead may add to learning disabilities, hormone obstruction, behavioral issues, and different other health issues.

On the off chance that you need to keep your home tenderly lit and pleasant without putting the health in danger, you need to use beeswax candles with cotton wicks.

2. Shampoos

Even though you cannot believe this, shampoos also contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Their side-effects are still analyzed, and there is no certain proof that they can lead to cancer. But, do not risk it and choose to utilize the numerous types of natural shampoos.

3. Shower curtains

There are numerous toxic chemicals found on shower curtains, and they spread on the environment, bath and shower and emit dangerous chemicals named volatile organic chemicals or VOCs.

4. Air fresheners

Air fresheners contain toxins like phthalate esters, carcinogens and volatile organic compounds. A Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) research in 13 different household air fresheners discovered that most of the air fresheners that were analyzed were full of chemicals that are responsible for asthma deterioration and also impacts reproductive development.

A 2008 study by Anne Steinemann of the University of Washington, proved that all the analyzed air fresheners contained chemicals that are against the law, such as carcinogens without a level of safe exposure. Material Safety Data Sheets or the product labels have these chemical written. You can use essential oil instead of these products.

5. Art supplies

Some art supplies like permanent markers, acrylic paints, Epoxy, rubber cement glues, and solvents, are full with chemicals related with tumor, allergies, and organ damage.

Kids are especially feeble against toxins in light of their higher absorption structures, and vigorous immune systems, so it is best to practice additional care with the things they utilize. To discover nontoxic and green options to general art supplies, or formulas for making your own, read Are Art Supplies Toxic?

6. Antiperspirants

A lot of the antiperspirants and deodorant are full with ingredients which lead to cancer. Because they are produced to stay on the body for a long time, this means that the skin can absorb all the dangerous chemicals they contain. Green Living Ideas has published an article that opened my eyes and I do not use any of this dangerous antiperspirants and deodorants.

So protect your health and make your home a safe place free of dangerous chemicals and throw out all these products and cleaners.