Alzheimer’s Patients Have Almost Immediate Brain Improvements After Eating 4 Tablespoons Of Coconut Oil, Study Shows

Alzheimer disease or dementia are not only disease in which person loses the memory only. Lots of cognitive damages are worsen like making conversation, thinking, problem solving, everyday tasks are more than difficult for themselves but as well for their loved ones.

Sadly there is not a cure related to this illness but the effort of the scientists has found that one natural ingredient can help in the fight. If you have long history of Alzheimer in the family you may try the remedy in order to it has been confirmed improvements in the cognitive function even after diagnosis.

Study: Medium-Chain Triglycerides and Alzheimer’s disease

In a study where were included 15 Alzheimer’s disease patients and 5 people with amnestic cognitive impairment were part of the 2004 research study. The research was composed of fasting from 8pm to the morning next day and after a 40ml of medium-chain triglycerides. The results were compared with the placebo group.

The results were more than good. The consumption of MCT showed improvements in the cognitive function. All of the participants showed better results in memory and recall tests. The level of beta-hydroxybutryte has been raised to 7.7 times. This is very important because this is the ingredient that keeps the brain protected from toxins and preserves neurons.

So in general the brain can be protected from toxins and the cognitive function can be improved with this ingredient called MCT which is a part in the content of one well-known and natural product.

Can coconut oil help in Dementia prevention?

The coconut oil has lots of beneficial effect on the body and health as well. It is well known that from all oils coconut has the power to reduce the weight or to influence on losing weight; this is due to the chain of triglycerides fond in the oil.

Due to the large percent of medium chain triglycerides the coconut oil is considered as natural source of MCT.
There are lots of people who use pure MCT oil from the healthy stores in their cooking.

In order this study to be confirmed a person with dementia should start the process of brain removal by consuming coconut oil. This is quite possible. For start the olive or other vegetable oil should be replaced with coconut oil. Use it in your smoothies, coffee or any other food you consume. Even a healthy person without dementia diagnosed can resemble the difference after using coconut oil.

Be careful and alert with dementia. If you notice that you or any close to you showing since of dementia, be free to see doctor immediately. There are several conditions that are connected to dementia like sleep disorders, thyroid illness and vitamin deficiencies. Get the proper help and medical advice from your doctor.

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