Avoid Your Surgery: Recipe for Removal of Fatty Tissue (Lipoma) Within 8 Days

The most common issues that can appear in the human body, and especially in female bodies are the cysts, which can appear in any body part or area. Mostly these cysts are treated with some medicinal ways, and mostly they are invasive, painful and sometimes even surgical. Which is why in this article we will show you a natural remedy that can treat cysts and help you eliminate them in a painless way!

We are discussing about lipomas, mostly they are fat tissues that are resembling a knot. Mostly they are located right beneath our skin. Lipomas can be located in any body part or area, but mostly they are concentrated in our shoulders, armpits, trunk and neck. They never form in our muscles or internal organs.

Many people have described lipomas like a “rubbery bulge” that feels like it is moving. The lipomas might take a long time to grow, sometimes months sometimes even years. The biggest lipomas go above 8 inches across, while the smallest lipomas are growing 2 inches across maximum. The lipomas are quite common these days. In some cases there might be more lipomas at the same time. These cysts can appear at any age, sometimes while a baby is born. But mostly these cysts are likely to appear between 40 and 60 years.

They aren’t any threat to your overall health, but they are unpleasant to look at, and cause quite a lot of pain. That is the main reason why people are willing to do everything to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Some specialists are saying that the limpomas are a type of tumor and they are quite similar to the cysts. But even by knowing this, they still might be confused with the cysts that are called sebaceous, and they are not equal. Besides that they are considered a type of tumor, they are not malignant and they cannot spread to any other organs or tissues.

How can we treat Lipomas?

Often people are not treating them, because they are not causing any pain or problems. If you have one, make sure that you go to your doctor and let him check the lipoma with an ultrasound. If it causes pain, discomfort or simply you don’t want to have it, it can be removed by a specialist.

You will be injected with an anesthetic, which will only affect the surrounding area of the lipoma. Once the anesthetic has started to work, the specialist will start to work on the case and remove the lipoma. After that stitches will be needed to close the incision. If the specialist is not able to reach the lipoma with a very simple incision, then a surgery is needed to remove the lipoma, and it needs to be preformed in an operating room, and general anesthesia needs to be used.

Natural way to remove Lipomas

Below we give you a natural recipe that can remove lipomas and cysts without any pain.


  • 2 tablespoons of raw Organic Honey
  • 4 tablespoons of Organic Aloe Vera gel


Get a larger bowl and mix these two ingredients together.

Apply the mixture topically on the lipoma or the cyst, and the layer you apply make sure it is at least 1 cm thick.

Secure it with a plastic wrap, that way the mixture will stay in place, otherwise it may start to melt or move around.

Apply it once a day for one week straight. You will see and feel the difference after that week, the tissue will slowly dissolve, and then it will disappear.

Source: barenaturalhealth.com