These Bad Habits Are The Ones That Cause Most Problems During The Menstrual Cycle

These 4-6 days in the month, with no doubt are the most problematic and most painful for women, and for most of these women, even the most depressing!

Even though that there are numerous ways they could help themselves by decreasing the menstrual pain, from teas to medications, they should be aware and take care of their overall health the most during this period.

Besides the hygiene maintaining, there are some bad habits that women should stop doing. For example, if you have been wearing the same napkin the whole day, may cause a bad odor, and also cause some very unpleasant infections.

You should be changing the napkins every 3-5 hours, regardless whether you are bleeding or not. If you are feeling pain, and you are not changing your tampon or your napkin than you can only increase the intensity of the pain by not changing it.

If you are feeling pain during the menstrual cycle, and you are having sex during that period, you are only increasing the risk of causing an infection.

When Should You Eat?

You are losing a lot of blood and a huge amount of energy during the menstrual cycle, therefore it would be wise to avoid some hard or intense exercise during this period.

Also you shouldn’t be skipping any meals during this period, because you need all of the nutrients that you can get, especially iron and magnesium!

Avoid eating late at night, because that way you are causing more harm to your body and you will make the situation even worse. You should especially avoid processed and unhealthy foods, because they are the hardest to digest.

It is also recommended to avoid milk products too, especially the ones that contain arachidonic acid, because that way you will soothe the cramps and the pain during the night. The high quality sleep and good rest are the things that will help you the most, during this painful period.

Avoid any depressing activities, such as watching any disturbing videos or movies, listening to sad songs, and anything that may depress you, because this has a huge impact on your psychological health!