Black Magic: the Benefits and Uses of Activated Charcoal

The carbon is a substance which is one of the best botanical substance, which is also called Activated Charcoal.

The more common name, Activated Charcoal has been mentioned for many centuries. Pliny and Hippocrates were using it as an everyday ingredient as well.

The Activated Charcoal got its name from the procedure in which the charcoal is taken, and it results by the activity of the so controlled charring from the material from the start (mostly it is Salix alba, or also known as Willow Bark), and it is subjected on an oxidizing gas, steam or air, on high temperatures (this increases the absorbing power of the charcoal, which develops an internal network of pores inside the material).

The carbon is actually 100% alkaline, and it is very electrical because its electrons are spinning very fast. The positive ionic charges (from poisons and toxins) are attracted by the negative ionic charges of the carbon, which makes them to bind to each other and then they are eliminated from the body through the channel for elimination in our intestines.

Amazing Uses of Carbon

This miraculous substance can be used for many issues, mostly it can be used for colon healing and getting rid of colon diseases, also it is very beneficial for our intestines as well. The carbon is able to counteract with the gases and help us to eradicate some foul odors in our intestinal tract or in the colon.

Using Carbon to Whiten Teeth and Remove Plaque

The carbon is able to whiten your teeth in the best way possible, and there is no commercial product or a chemical solution that can whiten them as much as this miraculous substance.

A Native American Woman, used to report this secret, in which she told everybody how her teeth were so white and they stayed that way. She told everybody that she remembers how her father when she was a little girl, used to burn plat matter, and when that plant matter became charred or burned to ashes, the whole family applied and rubbed some of that ash on their teeth.

Have you ever asked yourself, how ancient people took care of their teeth, and they didn’t even have toothpastes and toothbrushes. But the ancient people knew about the benefits of Miswak (Peelu), Carbon and the licorice sticks which they used to maintain their oral hygiene.

If you want to use carbon to whiten your teeth, you just need a high quality toothpaste such as  Tom’s of Maine, Nature’s Gate, Peelu, Ayurveda, etc. and then when you apply it on your tooth brush sprinkle some carbon over it or simply dip the toothbrush inside the carbon, after that put a few drops of water on it and start brushing. While you are brushing your teeth, your mouth will be black because of the carbon and also your sink can be a little messy and colored, but the process is worth it, after that your teeth will be cleaner and whiter than ever!

Try to avoid any commercial brand toothpastes because they are full of toxins, poisoning and harmful chemicals inside, such as propylene (mostly used as engine degreaser), sodium fluoride (commonly used in rat poisons), saccharin (famous carcinogen), sodium laurel sulfate, and petroleum-based dyes (Blue Lake and Red Lake), all of these ingredients have been proven to be carcinogenic!

There is no other substance than the Carbon, that is able to remove acidic plaque on the teeth. It is able to help you remove stains on the teeth and also clean them (mostly if the stains are from coffee).

Using Carbon to Counteract the Ingestion of Poisons

The carbon is widely used, also it is commonly used in accidental ingestion of drugs (illegal and legal), household chemicals and poison. You just need to get a glass of water, put a teaspoon of carbon inside and let the person who ingested the drug, poison or chemical to drink it.

Every home should have this substance, it provides amazing health benefits, and it is very helpful, it is a life-saving product, you will especially need it if you have children.

For people who are addicted to certain chemicals, can get rid of that unhealthy habit with the use of this miraculous substance!