Elderberry Extract: Nature’s “Tamiflu”

Elderberry extract is one of the herbs which can treat influenza very effectively. No matter if you are hit by influenza or it becomes pandemic, elderberry extract is the best choice to fight flu.

The black elderberry extract is even more effective than the actual flu shot. This is a very effective medicine and there are lots of proven facts writhen in the medical journals.

This article is based on the published stories related to this extract.

Published in PubMed:

Sambucol or Sambucus Nigra L is standardized black extract. These are all natural remedies, rich with antiviral properties meant to treat different types of influenza virus. Even ten types of influenza virus can be treated with Sambucol. In a conducted study, placebo-controlled, Sambucol manage to reduce the duration of symptoms of flu to 3-4 days.

According to Journal of International Medicinal Research was published that elderberry extract is effective remedy proven in another study.

This herb has been used for years in the traditional medicine as treatment for flu, colds, and sinusitis and even for herpes simplex. The efficiency of the herb was investigated in a simple research study, where elderberry syrup was used as treatment with Influenza A and B infections. The group was consisted with patients aged from 18-54 years, all of them with influenza symptoms. The session was performed in Norway back in 1999-2000 were in a period of 48 hours or less the patients were enrolled in the randomized and double-blind, placebo study.

The patients were given 15ml of elderberry syrup or placebo syrup for 5 days and their results were recorded with visual analogue scale.

In four days were notice relieving symptoms, and the group that was using elderberry extract syrup had to use rescue medication only for short time compared with the placebo group. It was proven and concluded that the elderberry extract is effective and safe way in treating influenza.

An ancient panacea

As we mentioned before the use of this extract is no news, but it has been used for centuries in the traditional medicine. There are ancient texts which can confirm the use of this effective herb in variety of treatments for so long.

Hippocrates wrote for the elderberry bushes that as his medicine chest, effective in many treatments.

How it works

The science has shown that the active compound in the elderberry called Antivirin which can be found in proteins of the black elderberry has lots of anti-viral properties, very effective in stopping the flu virus. Study that was performed showed that Sambucol is consisted of active components which can increase the inflammatory cytokine production.

Avian Flu

According to the CDC, avian flu is responsible for even 60% mortality worldwide. Although it is rarely transmissible to or between humans, the general risk is mutation into deadly pandemic virus. (Citation: Alarmingly, the Avian virus has been successfully mutated by scientists, causing public outcry that this “research” could be weaponized in the future).

In 1997 was the first outbreak of avian flu, where the main concern was is it going to mutate and adapt to transmit the infection of mammals with human’s influenza in the during coinfection of a single host, creating a new virus which co9uld be lethal and transmissible form person to person. It is believed that these types of infections were recorded back in 1918, 1957 and 1968. There are evidences that there is a H5N1 circulating but with more virulent form since 1997, which means higher mortality and different antigenic properties.

Zacay-Rones in 1995 conducted a study to prove that elderberry is effective in treating avian flu, especially Panama B strain.

Sambucol the standardized elderberry extract reduced the hemagglutination and inhibition of the human influenza viruses A/Beijing 32/92 (H3N2), A/Texas 36/91 (H1N1) type A/Shangdong 9/93 (H3N2), A/Singapore 6/86 (H1N1), type B/Yamagata 16/88, B/Ann Arbor 1/86, B/Panama 45/90, and of animal strains from Northern European swine and turkeys, A/Sw/Ger 8533/91 in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells. A/Sw/Ger 2/81, A/Tur/Ger 3/91.

In a double placebo-controlled study was performed experiment on a group of people living in an agricultural community in the period of 1993 during the outbreak of B/Panama. In a period of 6 days were recorded improvements, reducing fever and complete cure. Also there were made several tests on antibodies to influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial and adenoviruses. The Sam group showed higher mean and mean geometric hemaggulination inhibition HI titers to influenza B. there were recorded significant improvements in 93% of the cases like reducing the fever only in 2 days, and the controlled group showed results in 6 days. Final cure was recorded within 2-3 days in almost 90% of the SAM-treated group. There are no available suitable medicines for treating influenza A and B, taken into consideration the clinical results, low cost, no side effects the extract in vitro on all strains of influenza is recorded as the best way to treat influenza A and B.


Based on the testing on influenza A and b, Sambucol has proven to be the best and most effective treatments for healing.

In double performed study with placebo group was noted the patients who have took Sambcol has less need to take pills over the counter to reduce symptoms of fever, aches and congestion.

Back in 2002 at the 15th Annual Conference on Antiviral Research were presented Thom’s findings. The study was prineted in Journal of International Medical Research.

The study was conducted on 60 patients all suffering from flu for 48 hours or less. 90% of the people were infected with type A influenza and the rest 10% with type B. Half of the group had to intake 15ml of Sambucol and the other half should take placebo four times a day for five consecutive days. Only three days after the Sambucol group experienced improvements and even 90 % of the group was healed within 2 or 3 days. The placebo group unfortunately was no healed until the 6th day nasal also had to take more painkillers and nasal sprays.

They noted that Sambucl cannot prevent the flu but can shorten the duration and lower the severity.

How to take Elderberry extract:

Another study in Israel was performed where was established the proper dose of the extract for treating influenza. In that study consisted of children and adults was noted that children were taking ½ tablespoon of the extract and adults were taking one full tablespoon.

How to take the extract:

Directly of the spoon

Mixed as a tea with hot water and honey

Mixed with sparkling water with ice cubes –served as refreshing beverage;

Keep your elderberry sxtract in a cold dry place = or keep it in the refrigerator.

Until now there are no reported side effects from Sambucol. But there is nothing wrong if you check up first with your doctor. Children over 2 years can use the extract. There are no written reports on studies performed during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also there is no evidence of contraindication with other medicines, or with people suffering from asthma or have blood pressure issues.

There are current studies regarding to the other conditions like: allergies, HIV, asthma, cancer and inflammations.

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