The Fat Facts: Butter vs Margarine, The Truth We’re Not Being Told

In the supermarket, the products which contain butter inside them are not considered to be healthy and they are not marked as healthy products. This is because the products that contain margarine are considered to be healthier.

But it is not simple as that, because sometimes between some brands of margarine and butter, it is hard to tell the difference because they are very similar in the taste.

The margarine was created scientifically, and that results in trans-fats. These fats are quite threatening for our overall health. People buy it more because it is a lot cheaper than any butter brand on the market. The industry started to produce margarine massively in 1903.

After a few years, scientists discovered that if they add some hydrogen into the vegetable oil, that they would get a product that is more solid and more spreadable.

But the people who made the margarine back in the day, were not familiar with the trans-fats that were contained inside it, and they were not aware that they were very dangerous for our overall health. According to the latest researches, the experts are claiming that these fats act differently in a body with saturated fats and in a body with unsaturated fats. And our body needs them in order to function properly.

The fats such as omega-6 and omega-3 fats are very needed and important for our brain function. There are some other ingredients in these fats, such as vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E, and these ingredients are very important because they are able to transport the fat through our body.

However, the trans-fats have another function and a very different molecular structure. According to a study from 2008 is claiming that the energy which is taken and increased from trans-fats by only 2% are able to increase the risk of coronary artery disease, by up to 23%.

In the 1950’s butter was considered to be bad and unhealthy, and there was a bad word spread about it. Scientists discovered that the elevated levels of cholesterol that were found in butter and animal fats were bonded deeply to heart problems. But after years and years of studies the studies were proven wrong.

But today, all of us are aware that for the development of cardiovascular diseases are responsible the carbohydrates or the fats which can be found in the bread and the sugar.  But according to some studies a little bit of elevated cholesterol levels can provide a longer life!

That is why you need to think twice before you grab the margarine from the shelf in the market and buy it. Why wouldn’t you protect yourself from many diseases, when you know how.