Garlic Gets Rid of Herpes Overnight? Fact or Fiction?

The simplex virus is the main cause for the viral infection called herpes. This infection is showing itself mostly through small blisters and sores. If you seek any medical advice or you want to be medically treated, then you will be prescribed some average antiviral, but the question is, is this the only option you have?

If you look a little bit on the internet, you will find many posts and articles that will say “get an instant overnight relief from herpes by using garlic”. But can that be true, is the garlic that much effective against herpes or it is just a fiction?

Hippocrates Used Garlic to Treat many Infections and Diseases

Garlic has been used for its medical abilities for thousands of years, it was believed many years ago that the garlic can keep evil spirits away, and there were times when the garlic was a currency that was exchanged between people. Hippocrates was using garlic to treat many infections and different types of health issues. Also the garlic was used to prevent from pathogenic microbes and the elimination of parasites.

The Journal of National Medical Association (JNMA) published a study, in which it was proven that the garlic is stacked up with 33 sulfur compounds in which major minerals, essential amino acids, some trace minerals and vitamins A, B and C were included. The thing that makes the garlic that much effective against herpes is allicin-ajoene.

A medical Journal back in 1985, called Planta Medica published a study in which the positive effects of garlic against herpes simplex were reported. The study also reported the success in killing the herpes simplex virus and the powerful anti-viral properties of the garlic.

In 1988 a group of researchers studied the medicinal value of garlic, and they reported that the garlic is playing an “invaluable” role when it comes to treatment and prevention for the biggest causes of death. The JNMA posted that the group of researchers were considering the garlic to be an immune system booster and a broad-spectrum antimicrobial.

Study Proves that Garlic Kills 90% of Herpes Simplex Virus in 30 Minutes!

The Brigham Young University used garlic juice in a study in 1992 on more compounds, that way they would be able to test on the herpes simplex virus 1 and 2, or even more viruses. At the end of the study, they concluded that within 30 minutes the garlic juice managed to destroy 90% of the virus.

A report was published by the JNMA in 2000, which was from by Dr. Tariq Abdullah, and in the study the doctor highly recommended the mixture of garlic and Echinacea during the winter months, to prevent from flu and colds. But also in the same report, Dr. Abdullah talks about the effect that garlic provides against the herpes simplex virus.

According to Dr. Abdullah, people who want to use garlic because of its antiviral properties, they should consume a single teaspoon of fresh minced garlic combined with raw, organic honey. And if you experience any symptoms of an infection, start consuming 2 teaspoon of fresh garlic mixed with honey every day. He recommends to hold the garlic inside the mouth as much as you can, before you swallow it, but some people find garlic too hot, which means they cannot chew it raw.

Therefore you can use another option if you cannot chew the garlic raw, and that is a garlic bath. Get a single garlic bulb, peel it and chop it well, then add it in your bathtub. Then you can run hot water over it, after that wait for a while for the water to cool a bit, near to room temperature. The water level should be deep, enough for all extremities to be soaked. Soak inside for about 20 minutes.

Also you can cut a garlic clove in half, and press it on the cold sore. Repeat this several times on daily basis, and when you do, use a new garlic clove every time you do the technique.