How to Make Coconut Oil Coffee That Burns Fat, Lowers Inflammation, and Tastes Great

There are some people that simply love to drink coffee. And if you are one of them, then you need to confess that sometimes when you go to bed you are thinking what kind of coffee you want to prepare for yourself in the morning, a coffee that will wake you up instantly and that will taste good at the same time.

Well, no matter how much everybody loves the hazelnut coffee creamer, we all know that it is stacked up with a lot of preservatives, sugar and other chemicals, and all of them are simply not good for our health. The same goes for the fancy, good looking and tasty $5 lattes which are taking only a minute to prepare in any coffee shop.

So, the real question is how can we prepare a coffee that is creamy, tasty and fancy just as the latte we all love, but not impact our health in a negative way? The answer to this is Coconut Oil, and here is why!

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

  • It is stacked with a lot of fat acids, which will reduce our appetite, therefore promoting weight loss.
  • Rich in saturated fat, which is highly important for our cell’s function and growth.
  • Since it is rich in lauric acid as well, it is able to fight against colds and soothe inflammation as well.
  • Mostly made from medium-chain triglycerides, which are helpful for energy production in our body.

Use Coconut Oil to Make a Homemade Latte

Step by step:

  • Put a cup of brewed coffee in the blender.
  • Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil inside.
  • Make sure the coconut oil is virgin, unrefined and organic to get the most benefits of the coffee.
  • Blend until the mixture becomes homogeneous.
  • Pour the “latte” into a cup and enjoy it!

Note: Make sure you use a blender, because if you mix it with a spoon, the coconut oil will make your coffee oily and it will not taste good.

You can come up with some other ideas and boost the flavor of the latte, by adding ingredients such as vanilla or cinnamon!

There are many people who noticed a positive change since they started to add coconut oil in their morning coffee, they all reported that they appetites were satisfied for hours, and they didn’t crave for any morning snack as they used to. This is only because of the healthy fats that are contained in the coconut oil, that are also keeping us satisfied and energized at the same time.

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