I Drank Magnesium for 7 Days, Here’s Why it was the Best Decision Ever

One of the most common health problems is the deficiency of Magnesium, more than 80% world wide lack this mineral.
For men it is recommended: 400 to 420 milligrams, 310 to 320 milligrams for women. Only 25% of Americans get this dose which is recommended daily.

The problem about magnesium deficiency is that it causes many other health problems.

The deficiency of nutrients in todays food causes the lack of magnesium on our body, the lacking is also caused by stress. The food is missing nutrients because of todays modern farming practices.

Why Magnesium supplements have become so popular these day? -Because every organ in our body requires Magnesium to be in a good shape.

Enormous health changes have been experienced by people who have startet taking Magnesium supplements.

Have you ever asked yourself why do you have anxiety or insomnia, it is because you are missing magnesium in your body, those are the two main symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is very good for the central nervous system and it also feeds the brain which helps you relax and enjoy your sleep.

Specialists are recommending to begin with half of a teaspoon and daily increase the dose by a small amount. This is recommended to prevent from loose stools and constipation. Finding an ionic magnesium form will boost its bio availability.

On the brochure of Natural Vitallity is written: “ An ionic mineral may have charges, positive or negative.

Visualising that, it means that the element has too many or too few electrons around it. The unstable ionic state is allowing the element to bond with water very quickly, from there it is very easy for the body to absorb it”.
If you take one teaspoon of the powder and mix it in hot water, the hot water will accelerate the process of binding magnesium carbonate with citric acid together, from which magnesium citrate is created.

Right after the fizzing drink it! It is best to have it just before bed time, also you can add lemon juice to the mix for better taste.

You should know that the body will only absorb as much nutrient as it needs, it may absorb very small amount because it can take a while to build back the levels of need.

The following effects will appear if you take magnesium daily for one week:

Day 1: You will enjoy your sleep more, but you will not notice any huge differences.

Day 2: Falling asleep will be easier, and you will feel calmer.

Day 3: Enjoying your sleep will allow you to wake up to a good mood.

Day 4: You will be extremely calm when you wake up, and you will be anxiety-free through the day.

Day 5: Nothing will bother you and you will feel more energized.

Day 6: You will start to enjoy a healthy 8 hour sleep and you will affect everyone with your positive enrgy.

Day 7: You’ll feel the difference! Relaxed, calm, energized and happy. After one week you can increase the dose to two teaspoons of magnesium daily.

Source: theheartysoul.com