How To Keep Cockroaches, Ants, Mosquitoes and Flies Out of Your House, With Natural Remedies

Every home has, at some time been visited by these unwanted visitors like mosquitoes, ants, flies and cockroaches.

Eliminating these insects is often a difficult job to do, so because of that, we have decided to search for some efficient natural solutions in order to eliminate these bugs and prevent them from coming back.


In order to prevent flies to gather in your home, it needs to be nicely cleaned. You can use leaves of pulverized mint in order to prevent them from getting into your home. You can also use some dye powder and hot boiling water to pour in the deplete to prevent the flies to gather.

Another efficient natural solution for bug repelling is the eucalyptus oil. All you need to do is to use a cotton fabric and add several drops of eucalyptus oil, and use the cloth to clean the areas where the flies are often seen.


Dangerous chemicals are often the things that are mostly used in order to eliminate cockroaches. Luckily there are also some efficient natural products that you can use.

You should remember that maintaining a clean home is also helpful in this case. You can use a solid cleanser to perform this. Cucumbers also help to eliminate cockroaches so put some cucumber slices in your home.

Prepare a mixture of corn flour, boric acid powder and sugar powder in same amounts and spray this to repel the cockroaches.

This mixture needs to be used on every place where you have noticed cockroaches, the cupboard spaces, the kitchen cupboards and between the ceilings. This mix will kill the cockroaches when they eat it.


Cucumber is also very efficient in eliminating ants, so put slices of cucumber on places where you have seen ants, because ants do not like the smell of cucumbers.

You can also use sudsy water to get rid of ants. To prevent them coming again, you can also spread some tea bags or mint leaves around the house. A mixture of boric acid and mint apple jam is efficient in eliminating pharaoh ants.

Make a mix of some sugar, one liter of water and one teaspoon of borax and soak some cotton pads in it in order to wreck a subterranean insect settlement.

Then use a yogurt can with holes for the ants to get inside and put the cotton pads. This mixture will eliminate all the ants that it comes in contact with.


It is well known fact that mosquitoes duplicate in messy places and dormant water, so it is important to get rid of every stale water places.

To repel the mosquitoes, you can also plant a marigold plant in the garden or the yard. Or you can also plant thai lemon grass, and it is efficient due to its content of citronella, which is a natural oil.

Then take the plant and cut the stem, and after you need to peel the external leaves until the point that you achieve the chive as a stem at the base. When you finish that you need to make a mash, nice mass by rubbing the stem in your palms. Use this mash to apply it on your skin and the mosquitoes will get away from you.

Another efficient natural mix is garlic juice shower which has the ability to repel mosquitoes for about 6 hours.

Just mix 5 parts water and 1 part garlic juice.

One more highly efficient mosquito repellent is Neem oil which is also non toxic. All you need is to use it on your skin, and it will also repel other harmful bacteria that attack the immune system.