Medicine In A Cup: The Ginger-Garlic Soup That Fights The Cold, Flu And Sinus Infections

Every food is considered for their property and ability to help the body in a special way and not only for the nutritional value that it has, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Our body can be treated and healed or also rebalanced with specifically chosen and combined food according to the person and the group of symptoms he or she may be having (it is identified with a special imbalance or a pattern in the body).

Every person is different, and due to this it is of high significance to pay attention to what the body is telling you and look at the signs it is sending and according to them to chose the correct food for you.

And as the summer passes by and the cooler months are coming, one thing we need to do is also change the food we consume from the summer cool and fresh food (such as watermelon, salad, crisp cooling cucumbers, and tomatoes) to those very building, warming and maintaining nourishments of winter such as warming flavors like ginger, cinnamon and cumin, and all the warm refreshments and healthy soups that go with winter).

Ginger: A Wonderful Warming Spice

Chinese Medicine uses ginger as a champion among the most astonishing warming flavors. The body can be warmed up fundamentally by the special capacity of ginger. This amazing spice is also especially beneficial for some individual who experiences cold signs, besides being efficient in balancing the cold that appears at the same time as winter.

TCM considers the ‘cold’ pattern to be present in a person who has the signs of being ‘cold’ constantly (it is the one that is different and wears a sweater while the others are in a t-shirt). The most common indications of this type of problem is that they may have often and pale urination a great part of the time waking in the midst of the night to urinate pains and aches which are more terrible in cold air including sore lower back and knees.

They may additionally experience the underhanded effects of low vitality, holding water, experience the abhorrent effects of looser bowels, have a tendency of edema or swellings and having an unwavering running or drippy nose (especially when outdoor). It is recommended for this individual to include some ginger in the meals, or consuming dried ginger tea.

Another modifying favored point of view of ginger is for those who experience what we’d call a cold wind pattern. This infers those anguish from a regular cold that exhibits more cold signs than hot ones: running nose that is clear watery characteristic fluid with gatherings of sneezing, chills however no fever.

(Ginger is not recommended in the occasion that you’re experiencing a sore throat, thick yellow natural fluid or fever. In this case peppermint is the best cooling spice to clear the sparkle).

Utilizing Ginger

Ginger is recommended to be taken in a raw and fresh form. You can prepare some tea with hot water and add in a little bit of lemon and sliced or fresh grated ginger in order to treat the symptoms of a cold.

Here you can find a simple recipe for an amazing soup that is excellent in treating the symptoms of wind-cold invasion (additionally called the common cold!)

I, for example, am always prepared for the winter days by always be stocked with nourishing products in the fridge such as garlic, astragalus, green onions, and crisp ginger available all through the winter. In the occasion that I’m starting to feel the first signs of cold and seeing the begin of a cool continuing, I can prepare my magic remedy and stop the cold before it develops in a full blown cold. It has exactly the wanted effect!

Have a nourishing, cozy and healthy winter season!

Ginger Soup To Kick That Cold To The Curb

I am experiencing some chills… and they’re increasing more and more (Common cool accompanied by chills and clear runny nose. Without fever). Improve your blood, increase your qi, and kick that nippy to the check broth.

Needed ingredients:

  • 4 Green onions cut into medium assessed pieces.
  • 6 glasses Chicken bone juices (see underneath) -- You can comparatively utilize standard chicken stock for this formula on the off chance that you cannot prepare the broth on your own.
  • 1-2 inch bit of Fresh Ginger cut in thin pieces.
  • 1-2 garlic cloves peeled and cut (you can in like way utilize a garlic press).
  • And there is another choice for the vegetarians


1. Take a pot and add in the mushrooms, onions, ginger, and garlic (on the off chance that you pick) in a pot and include a little measure of juices.
2. Boil them until the fixings become soft.
3. Put in all the other ingredients and put on heat again to boil.
4. Lower warmth to a stew and cook for additional 20-30minutes. Consume this soup all through the day and it will make you feel amazing!

You can store this prepared soup/broth for several days in the fridge. You can comparatively consum the ginger pieces in the event that you like for some additional glow.

You can also include other veggies of your choice to improve the flavor of this soup. It is also very important to be cautious so as not to fuse extremely salt as salt has a tendency to bring things more noteworthy into the body and this is more about pushing out the fresh infection.


  • Include 4-5 bits of Astragalus (Huang Qi) to the stock as it is stewing to help your sheltered structure and essentialness (qi).
  • Include in fresh or dried mushrooms (maitake, shitake, and other.) to join an additional lift for your qi.

A Note On The Stock

This bone broth does not take a lot of energy to prepare and it is easy and also does not take much time. On the off chance that you own a slow cooker that is better or I would fundamentally enable my soup to stew on the lowest heat on my stove overnight to get a practically identical impact.

Organic Chicken Bone Broth

1. A tablespoon of apple vinegar combined with organic chicken bones stewed for 24 hrs.
2. You will need 12 glasses of water or basically pour the water in the pot to cover the bones as opposed to appointing it for one pound of bones,.
3. After it has stewed for 24 hours, removing off the fat and oil on top, strain, and store in glass compartments or stop for later consumption.

I am constantly preparing in the slow cooker dependably to use with cooking or basically store in the fridge, so I have it to use when there’s no other option. An extraordinary approach to get the bones for the stock is to spare your bones from a dish or basically checking with your local butcher for chicken backs or end).

You can comparably spare the leftover parts of your vegetables in a sack in the cooler and include them to the broth for to a more noteworthy degree an encouraging lift!

Broth for Vegetarians

You can also prepare a vegetarian “bone soup” utilizing vegetable stock or your veggies stewed for 8-10 hours and including things like miso, seaweed, and mushrooms to up the supplement content.

The Medicine in Your Cup


This is appeared to have the flawless perk (in spite of tasting mind boggling) of being immune boosting and antibacterial. Traditional Chinese Medicine views it as a warm nourishment treatment and is incomprehensible for moving our qi, exhausting destructive quality and carcinogens, decreasing swellings, and invigorating the stomach related structure!

Astragalus Root

This convincing regular contraption is effectively found at your nearby Chinese market or home created store. It contains conceivably warm and sweet properties and has great safe boosting properties. We say it handles the Lung and stomach related frameworks in TCM and has astounding Qi (vitality) increasing the properties to it. It’s phenomenal for some person who appears to get debilitated dependably or has a holding up hack or can’t beat their chilly.


This food has an impactful taste and it has warming properties. Crisp ginger is especially unbelievable at treating the normal cool while it is indicated with chills (however NOT fever!). It in like way has the additional ideal position or warming and facilitating the stomach related structure assisting with appetite, upset stomach and nausea.

Green Onion/Scallion

This is likewise observed as a warm and sharp herb, which makes it inconceivable for disposing of ‘shallow’ conditions (additionally called the regular cold) that are frosty in nature (those chills!). You may consume it cooked or grungy and adds an extraordinary flavor to backings and limits amazingly in blend with ginger for that warming activity.

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