Mix Gelatin with 5 Ingredients to Help Your Knee and Back Pain Disappear

I have always considered it to be the truth that everyone can actually feel amazing no matter the age they have.

But what actually bothered me is the fact that some people consider the ‘stiffness and soreness of joint pain’ to be just a normal appearance of the process of aging.

The way that we have treated the body during our life is connected to the way that we now feel every day and to our age.

A huge number of people react in this way as they get older and they think this about the bodies. In case you share the same opinion, you need to know that it is not all up to you – it is considered as a forced opinion from the system.

You should also know that there are some main culprits for the reasons why the body becomes stiffens and becomes harder with time, and it is not related to the process of aging. Here are some of the main reasons for that:


REPRESSION: numerous researches have proven that the origin of the pain can also be emotional or psychological. Our emotions are being held on by our own muscles, in the repression act and not every single pain is in fact physical. Muscle tension is actually being caused by emotional, repressed or psychological stress that relates to chronic pain.

INACTIVITY: if you want to maintain the feeling of being flexible and free – the best thing for this is the movement of the body. Being active and using the muscles, warms up the tissues and they get in a more fluid condition. But if we do not use or move the muscles in days or weeks – in this case it results in stiffness. There are many other things that are related to inactivity and lack of exercise, such as accelerating the process of aging and also it is the main reason for many conditions related to age like musculoskeletal disorders, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

TRAUMA: it is very usual to consider as the main culprit –the process of aging for the pain and ache that we are actually feeling, but on the off chance that you have suffered some injury in the past, the pain and ache can be a result from a badly treated previous injury or trauma. So stiffness can also a result from a trauma injury which can actually be active inside the body for longer time.

STRESS: have ever noticed that tension makes your neck and shoulders to tense up, and you can also notice that the breathing becomes shallower as the levels of stress get elevated. Our body also has natural stress response which has a job to assist us to cope with the fear we face, no matter if it is imaginary or real, and it results in hardened muscles. So in the event that you do not recharge and detox the stress in the body, you will feel stiffness and pain on a daily basis.

CONTACTIVE MOVEMENT: making wrong movements with the body is actually worse than not being active at all. In case you are experiencing muscle stiffness after working out can also be caused due to little tearing of the fibers of the muscle or low level micro trauma as a result of the stress factor of the workout routine. So it is very significant to do all the exercises in a correct way and also not to over –train. It is not recommended to do more than normal and it does not mean that you will achieve faster results with working high-intensity exercises. Also you need to have a nice balance in the lifestyle and also perform other activities like core work like pilates and therapeutic yoga flows.

Besides finding the main culprit of the stiffness and the pain you are feeling, you can also include some beneficial foods in your diet that can improve your health condition and also repair damage, decrease inflammation, and heal your joints.


Numerous different foods can be highly beneficial in case of occasional joint pain or more severe chronic case of arthritis. GELATIN is considered as the most popular one. Here is an easy and fast juice recipe:

  • 2 cups organic coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon organic ginger powder
  • 1 tablespoon raw organic honey
  • 1 organic cucumber, juiced
  • 2 tablespoons organic gelatin
  • 1 teaspoon organic turmeric powder (add a pinch of black pepper)

Combine all the ingredients together and consume cooled.


Simple and quick: gelatin is in a general sense ‘cooked collagen’. In the standard procedure of creatig naturally made bone broth you are concentrating all you’re cooking essentialness on emptying the wondrous consistent glycine, proline, collagen, and glutamine from the bones and tendons. You may notice the gel-like characteristics of the cooked collagen (likewise called gelatin) when you cool down the naturally made broth.

Collagen is our richest protein in the body, particularly what’s popular as sort 1 collagen – which is contained in our ligaments, veins, muscles, bones, skin, and digestive system. Collagen is the thing that helps give our skin essentialness: elasticity, quality, and recovery. Concerning our joints and ligaments, collagen presents the glue that functions to keep the body together.

As we get older our normal collagen creation diminishes. It can lessen generously speedier on the off chance that we aren’t following a clean diet and on the off chance that we expel setting aside two or three minutes for sweeping way of life hones that breaker your satisfactory rest, stress association, daily movement, and appropriate hydration. The rate at which our skin wrinkles and hangs might be invigorated and our joints may twist up certainly weaker in perspective of a reducing in sound ligament.

In the event that you have an inclination that you have a course of action of “skeleton legs”, which feel additional solid and cause you torment while amidst headway – this can be a sensible pointer for lost collagen. When we lose collagen, our tendons are never again moving effortlessly.

Move without torment by concentrating on collagen! Add this correcting complex protein to your diet, consider it adding oil to a squeaky entryway pivot. Collagen attempts to enable your joints to move all the more effortlessly and without the torment. Studies are in spite of watching collagen to be a persuading treatment framework in osteoarthritis and other joint disorders and pain.


You need to know that there are over 16 distinct sorts of collagen that are contained in the body. Types 1,2, and 3 are contained in about 80-90 percent of all these various sorts. You must remember this, because some foods and collagen supplements contain various forms of collagen. There are the top 3 most important types of collagen:

Type 1: this type is one of the strongest and also the richest one. This type of collagen forms the skin, ligaments, organs and tendons. Type 1 is beneficial for the the formation of the bones and it is also contained in the GI tract. Type 1 is also very beneficial in increasing elasticity of the skin and healing of wounds.

Type 2: this type is beneficial in building the cartilage and is contained in the connective tissues. Type 2 collagen creates the cartilage that improves the health of joints. Many experts have discovered that taking type 2 collagen is very beneficial in people who suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Type 3: this type makes up the skin and organs. It is commonly contained along with type 1 and it is beneficial and efficient in improving firmness and elasticity of the skin. This type is also helpful in forming the tissues and blood vessels of the heart.

Different types are found in various sources of collagen, so here is a list of the best sources of collagen and their differences:

Bovine (Cow/Beef): this source of collagen is obtained from the skin, muscles and bones from a cow. Bovine Collagen is consisted of sorts 1 and 3 collagen and it also gas proline and glycine which are very beneficial in the creation of creatinine, assisting the body to produce its own collage and also in building muscles.

Chicken: type 2 collagen is obtained from this source and it is the best choice for building cartilage. Collagen obtained from chicken is helpful for the health of the joints because it is a rich source of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate.

Fish: Fish sources of collagen have the sort 1 collagen which also contain hydroxyproline, amino acids glycine, and proline. Our whole body actually has type 1 collagen, so due to this eating higher amounts of fish collagen can be very beneficial for the bones, blood vessels, skin, digestion, vital organs, and joints.

Egg shell membrane: this collagen is contained in egg whites and the shells, and type 1 collagen is contained the most type 1 and it has various amino acids, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine sulfate that are highly efficient in reducing pain/stiffness, wound healing, building muscle mass and building connective tissue.


Gelatin and collagen and are on an extremely fundamental level the same, they have a reflected amino acid and protein content profile – what makes them unmistakable is the way by which they are to be utilized and how they are dealt with.

There is a gel-like consistency in gelatin powder has when designed. You can use gelatin powder to make jello, gut-adjusting chewy sugary treats, and gelatin-based baked goods, and you can add it to your baking to affect a chewy consistency ( take a look at these lavender and lemon tigernut treats, chewy matcha coconut treats and my most refreshing paleo lemon squares). You should have an approach while using gelatin, as unadulterated gelatin powder will simply isolate in hot water and it will dependably make that sticky consistency. For some person who doesn’t have strong osmosis, gelatin isn’t the most fitting decision, as it can be troublesome to breakdown.

Collagen powders – which is also called hydrolyzed collagen or collagen hydrolysate are managed inquisitively instead of gelatin. The collagen is warmed to a higher temperature and is then treated with proteins – which breaks the bonds between the amino acids. Collagen powders may be more viably separated in the body, when risen up out of gelatin, and it is better for those with stressed or weaker digestion. Collagen powder can isolate in both cool and hot liquids and it doesn’t affect a gel-to like consistency. Scoring a 10/10 in my books for usability: the way that you can add it to about anything without exhibiting another taste or surface makes this an easy to use thing with so much positive potential.
Bone stock is your most ordinary decision and is correspondingly the smallest troublesome on digestion, take a gander at this recipe to get on the secretly made bone soup redirection.


Glowing skin

The common skin care products may contain collagen but the skin does not absorb a lot of collagen topically – on the other hand, getting collagen internally, it can be beneficial in ameliorating the elasticity and the appearance of the skin and it repairs it. It can make your skin look youthful and it can also eliminate stretch marks and cellulite.

Strong and thick hair

I did not believe that the benefits of using collagen were true because of its beauty effects, and then my friends, hair stylist and colleagues began to open my eyes – wondering what was different in my case. It was really true, my hair started to regain the natural shine, was a lot stronger than before, was less breakable and a fraction of the shedding with the use of just 2-4 tablespoons of Bulletproof Collagen a day.

Healthy nails

Are your nails splitting and peeling? The reason may be collagen deficiency. For improved health of the nails you need collagen protein and also including collagen in your diet in order to strengthen the nails.

Better digestion

Beauty benefits are staggering, yet an outside of anyone’s ability to see advantage for collagen bars overhauling your nail, skin, or hair health. Collagen tries to repair and fix the gut lining, and is an effective expansion to a Leaky Gut Healing Protocol. On the off chance that anxiety is the destruction in your digestion, where you can eat a solitary green bean and become bloated while under uneasiness, first recall that ingestion isn’t a created restrict when you’re in battle or-flight mode. Set aside opportunity to revive, and including collagen to your day may work to lessen stomach related disturbance and recuperate the gut lining.


When you go on a more long run or for a weightlifting session, you are putting gigantic strain on the body – which ordinarily leads to inflammation. Mind boggling inflammation, yet the kind that gives up you with the ‘two days after leg day’ torment. Collagen tries to move a sound provocative reaction by animating the repair of your hurt connective tissues. Including only 2 tablespoons of collagen powder to herbal tea, water, or coffee makes for a significant pre-rehearse go-to and with perceivable purposes of enthusiasm for reducing recuperation time on harder preparing days.

Regarding supplementation, I have to say that I frequently miss taking the probiotics without any excuse and avoid consuming the herbal tinctures due to their bad taste – but on the other hand collagen is much better choice and I advise everybody to take it due to its simple and easy usage.

Having a collagen supplement in the kitchen or work is the best and easiest choice. The collagen powder with good quality has the ability to dissolve in water like cotton candy does, no matter it is cold or hot. It is without a taste and texture and it is the simplest method to include some protein (8g in one tablespoon)

Try and get all the benefits. Improve the day and include collagen in your diet.

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