Moringa – The Herb That Kills Cancer And Stops Diabetes

This herb can prevent from a lot of health issues, reduce the problems that occur with our body, make you feel energized and will make you live longer! This miraculous plant, called the Moringa oleifera is native to South Asia. This herb was mostly used in the traditional Asian medicine for many centuries, and it is still famous today because of its powerful antioxidant properties. Even if it is proven to be very healthy and contain a lot of benefits, there are still some left to examine.

Here are the best 7 reasons to start consuming the leaves and fruits of this plant.

Value of Nutrition:

The leaves and fruits of this plant contain numerous vitamins and minerals. In a single cup of it 157% of the RDA of vitamin C is provided.

In a single cup also there is:

  • 8% -- magnesium
  • 11% -- iron
  • 12% -- vitamin C
  • 2 g -- protein
  • 9% -- vitamin A
  • 19% -- vitamin B6

The dry leaves of this herb can be used as supplements, but it is a lot better to consume the natural plant!

Prevents from Cancer

Due to its powerful antioxidant properties, it is able to fight against free radicals. It stops the formation of the cancer. It also contains beta carotene, vitamin C, quercetin and chlorogenic acid. These are the best ingredients to protect yourself from free radicals.

Strengthens Your Bones

You can prevent from bone loss by the consumption of this herb, because it is very rich with iron, and also the bone density is increased. Also this herb is perfect for adolescents because it is increasing their health and stamina.

Eye Issues

This herb can prevent from some eye issues, like conjunctivitis. Take the leaves of this herb and grind them, that way you will create a paste which should be directly added on the eyes. Also you can resolve corneal issues by combining this paste with some honey and use it as an eyeliner. Eye swelling can be also reduced with this paste.

Headache Relief

From the roots of this herb you can also create a paste. Mix this paste with jiggery in equal amounts.

Purifies Your Blood

The leaves and pods of the moringa can also cleanse your blood from many toxins. Adding this herb into your soup will also solve many skin issues and prevent or eliminate acne. Also the juice of the leaves can be added directly on he pimples and the acne, that way they will heal because of its powerful antibiotic properties.

Lowers the Blood Sugar

Especially for diabetics, this herb is highly recommended and very beneficial. Start consuming this plant if the blood sugar levels are above the normal. According to a recent study which was done on animals, this herb managed to resolve this issue very quick and effective. Also there were some studies done on humans, and in a study which was done on 30 females, it was concluded that if they consumed 7 g of the leaf in powder form on daily basis for 3 months, the blood sugar levels were decreased for 13.5%.

Anti -- Aging

The aging process is slowed down, due to its high consistency in vitamin A. Therefore our vision is also improved and our immune system is strengthened.

But there are still many studies that need to be preformed on the moringa in order to explore it. But we know one thing for sure, you can feel free to add it in your diet and it is very healthy!


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