Put Turmeric On Your Toothbrush And You’ll Never Use Teeth Whitening Strips Again

Everybody loves to have amazingly bright teeth, and that is the main reason that lots of Americans pay a lot of money on commercial products to whiten their teeth. When we have a nice and bright smile, it gives us confidence and the manufacturers are aware of this, so the take advantage and make enormous profits. But at the end, these products do not come very cheap to use.

Our teeth become and darker and lose their color as a result of smoking, and consuming fizzy drinks, coffee and tea for many years. This is also the main reason that the teeth whitening procedure has become the most common and frequently used dental procedure. The dark stains on the teeth can be bleached with the peroxide-based gels that are contained in teeth whitening products. Whitening your teeth is not a one time procedure, but a continuous process, and the teeth become whiter after a couple of procedures, and if you want to keep your teeth white, you need to continuously use the treatments.

It is amazing to have white teeth!

But think about it, since when is it OK to bleach the mouth?

The only reason that stands behind the efficiency and popularity of the teeth is because they are harmful for the teeth! These products are very popular with their effect but, on the other hand they also cause damage. There is chlorine dioxide contained in numerous over the counter products for teeth whitening, and this particular acid is also utilized in disinfecting swimming pools. Even though this is not written on the label of the product, it is an ingredient that must not be used in the mouth, or inside the digestive tract.

The efficiency of the kits for teeth whitening is due to the etching of the surface of the teeth. The protective tooth enamel is damaged in this process, and the teeth become highly sensitive. Chemical burns can also be caused by the acid, and this can also lead to permanent damage and also the loss of the tooth – not exactly what you wanted.

And we wonder how is this permitted? How can the producers even sell this product? It is stated on the label, that these products should not be used more than once or twice a year, and this is just in the safety, but most people do not just use these products once or twice a year, they actually utilize them on a daily basis.

And this is the best part. Trying so hard, and using all the different products to make the teeth whiter, they still look even more discolored – this is because the tooth enamel is destroyed and the teeth are not protected. Drinks and food can make stains easily.

So in case you want the amazing Hollywood smile, you need to know that the celebrities do not use this type of products. It is not natural to have those bright and white teeth, and celebrities actually cover the teeth with veneers. Yes, it is the truth, they all have veneers. These beautiful teeth cannot be achieved so easily. So do we need to give up?

But there is a good thing, and that is that you can eliminate all the teeth stains without paying a lot of money on products, there is a way to whiten the teeth naturally and it is also very cheap as opposed to all the harmful commercial products.

One way is with activated charcoal and clay that are efficient in teeth whitening and also it is not dangerous to ingest (this is essential because you use it in the mouth), but this time we will present to you a new natural method and it is a huge surprise.


Yes, you have read right – turmeric. Turmeric is a orange-yellow spice that usually leaves stains on the wooden spoon and the cutting board and has been a subject of many researches due to its content of ‘curcumin’ – that is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Even though turmeric is very popular for its ability to stain everything it comes in contact with, it is in fact very efficient in eliminating teeth stains and it can also brighten the color of the teeth. You can notice an instant amelioration in the color right after the first application, or maybe not. But if you use it 2-3 times weekly it will give you amazing results.

What is the reason for utilizing turmeric or different natural treatments? It is because you will eliminate the bad things, but on the other hand you are getting in the beneficial things. So avoid using toxic and dangerous products and improve your health.

Instructions for using turmeric


  • A dedicated turmeric toothbrush (it stains!)
  • Organic turmeric powder


  1. To start with, soak the toothbrush in water and then put about 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Use it to brush the teeth in the usual way, but do not wash when you are done, but leave the turmeric to act for about 3-5 minutes and do the amazing things.
  2. Then spit and wash nicely, and after that use natural toothpaste to wash the teeth. In case there are yellow stains left on the ends of the mouth, wash again using some soap on order to wash them away. There is a slightly yellow tint on the gums and teeth if there is left some turmeric on them, but in case it is washed nicely, you will notice a whiter and brighter smile.

You definitely need to try this and be amazed with the results you get! It is also recommended to use organic turmeric powder because other products that have been processed can also have food dyes and additives that can actually lead to stains on the teeth.

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