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Prepare the watermelon jerky

Is watermelon jerky the best single-fixing nibble ever? We suspect as much. Figure out how to make a definitive summer treat with our straightforward formula…

WATERMELON JERKY isn’t only a snack— it’s the best snack. Furthermore, in case you’re as fixated on watermelon as we seem to be, this perfect, organic product controlled creation is a definitive summer snack.

We’ve for some time been fanatics of Sakara Life’s plant jerky, yet it never jumped out at us that we could make this snack at home – or, for our situation, at the workplace. Our office kitchen aptitudes have really developed since bringing our Excalibur dehydrator in with the general mish-mash – see our hot brussels grows chips here in the event that you require hard verification.

These sweet, rugged strips contain every one of the advantages of our most cherished melon and suggest a flavor like confection, making them the ideal tote-along for climbing, grounding and everything between. All it takes is a bit of cutting, a little bit of salt and a touch of tolerance — we guarantee it’s definitely justified even despite the hold up…

The most effective method to MAKE WATERMELON JERKY

Needed ingredients:

  • 1 entire watermelon
  • smoked salt (if you like)
  • kosher salt (if you like)
  • chili lime flavoring (if you like)


Cut the watermelon in four pieces. Cut into 1/4 inch thick sheets. Remove the skin and cut each sheet into strips.

Orchestrate the strips on a material paper-lined dehydrator plate. Sprinkle chili lime flavoring, kosher salt, or smoked salt over the watermelon strips.

Dry out the watermelon at 170 degrees for 10 – 12 hours. Permit to cool totally before expelling from plate. Bon appetite!



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