Simple Fix For Vertigo (Video With Instructions)

After the video she had posted, she soon became a real sensation. This doctor from the University of Colorado Hospital become YouTube sensation since she developed the simple maneuver to treat vertigo at home.

Namely health specialist Kathy Walsh firstly shows her treatment back in 2012. Since then the number of view have raise to 2,6 million.

The advice she is giving is that: you must put your head in a position to look up at the celling, then spin your head upside down like you are going to do a somersault. While in this position, turn and face with your left elbow.

Wait for a little bit to end any dizziness that will appear and then raise your head to back level. Wait one more this for the dizziness to end and sit back quickly.

This video was a real hit on You Tube and reached more than 2 million views.

She compared her video to the cat video think of popularity by still she is satisfied with the reactions. To mention that she, Associate Professor and Director of the Balance Lab at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus, and she is pretty much valued among vertigo sufferers.