Smudging Destroys “Killer Germs,” According to a Recent Study

Nowadays people worldwide have the same problems, and they are stress and anxiety. Even though they are very frequent issues, they can also be the reason for numerous dangerous outcomes. A lot of situation cause stress and we cannot prevent this. But, on the other hand, we can control the stress. When it comes to anxiety, it is represents worries, unstoppable nervousness and unease, that leads to not known results. The most frequent type of mental illness in the USA is anxiety disorder.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s website, has published a research in which was stated that anxiety disorder is a common problem for about 18% of the adults in the USA. So you need to look for the symptoms of anxiety and depression. We are all surrounded by negative energy due to conflicts, stress, anxiety, and other different reasons. This can also cause different negative conditions and makes us unable to concentrate on our daily tasks.

The mind and emotions are affected by environment

Everybody is aware that the reasons that cause stress cannot be avoided. But the environment and conditions can be altered in order to reduce the negative energy. Negative energy can get inside our mind, just by watching too much negative news on the TV. In case you hear the bad news from around the world can make you feel very stressed.

There is also another way that leads to negative energy inside the mind, besides the internet and TV news, is by sitting in a dark place with conflicts and not talking to anyone, and also other things. So it is important to be sure that you are in a positive surrounding at work and at home. Here you can read about a efficient method in order to eliminate the anxiety and negative energy, by preparing a sage and lavender smudge.

Lavender and a smudge stick

A lot of Western doctors do not recommend this smudge stick, because it is not known to them and it is not scientific. But, these smudge sticks have been utilized for lowering depression and negative energy in the ancient times. And also, experts have discovered proof that smudge sticks offer numerous benefits.

The journal of Ethnopharmacology has released a study in 2007, which discovered that 94% of the air bacteria have been eliminated just by burning a smudge stick for about 60 minutes. C.S. Nautiyal, the head researcher, stated that it is also efficient in reducing 94% of the bacterial counts in one hour and its smoke can also disinfect and purify the air and thus cleanse the air from all the bad things in the room if it is left for 24 hours.

Nowadays, smudge sticks can be burnt at work office or at home. It is actually quite simple to prepare smudge stick. Lavender is considered as the secret ingredient to making nice smudge stick. It belongs in the mint family with 47 different popular spices.

Lavender has numerous medical benefits and properties. It is efficient in enhancing immunity, digestion system, and your respiratory health, and it is efficient in lowering depression and anxiety. If you want to ameliorate the memory, in that case lavender is the best choice for this. Keep reading to see the way to prepare lavender and smudge stick.

Procedure of making lavender and smudge stick

Needed things

Twine, string, or yarn

Small bunches of dried rose, lavender, rosemary, and sage petals

The procedure:

  1. Put the herbs in layers over each other.
  2. Then the bottom of the herbs needs to be tied using a string.
  3. On the place where the string is tied, you need to put one rose petal, and after that wrap the strings around the herbs upwards. Continue to put in more petals and using the string to wrap them until you have made a wound bunch. In the end, the second end of the string must be tied off.

Here is a video to show you the way to burn and utilize the smudge stick in a safe way.

To sum up

How did it go with the process of preparing your own smudge stick? I hope that it was not very difficult. Statistics show that the utilization of alternative and complementary treatment has a 36% to 38.3% rise in American grownups. This is the best way to ameliorate the present problems, by utilizing both alternative and complementary treatments.

But, you must not depend solely on alternative and complementary treatments. You also need to counsel a specialist in case you are experiencing severe depression and anxiety disorder.

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