Stop Making These 8 Mistakes That Damage Your Kidneys

One of the most important and vital organs in our body is the kidneys. Their function is also very needed for our overall health, because they are the ones responsible for the elimination of excess water and toxins from our body, therefore it would be wise to maintain their health and take good care of them, and that way we will avoid many health issues and diseases which are more dangerous.

These 8 habits will cause a lot of damage to your Kidneys:

1. Alcohol Abuse

The consumption of too much alcohol can easily lead to a kidney failure, because the every alcohol drink contains a large amount of toxins that are threatening for our kidneys.

2. Insufficient Water Intake

The insufficient water intake is damaging our kidneys and decreasing their function in a very dangerous way, and they are the only organs that are cleansing our body from toxins and metabolic waste, and balance the production of red blood cells. This habit is increasing the toxin accumulation and reduces the renal blood circulation.

3. Not Peeing when you Need To

Whenever you feel like you need to go to the bathroom, just go don’t be too lazy to get up and do your job. That way you will avoid the kidney pressure, and you will not impair their function as well.

4. High Salt Intake

You should limit the intake of salt, because it can cause a lot of damage to our kidneys. According to the researches 90% of the American population is consuming more salt than they actually need, which is the main cause for kidney issues and diseases.

5. Not treating flu and colds

Ignoring the flu and cold symptoms and simply wait for them to pass, simply puts a lot of strain on your kidneys which can cause damage to them.

6. Excessive Coffee Intake

In order to avoid any disruption of the kidney’s function, you should limit the coffee intake on 1 or 2 cups on daily basis.

7. Excessive Protein Intake

Consuming a lot of foods that are very rich in proteins, you will harm your kidneys because the metabolic loads are boosted fast. Therefore the intake of proteins should also be limited, if you want to prevent from these issues.

8. Painkiller Abuse

Avoid the intake of painkillers, try to get a quick pain relief naturally, because the painkillers may a lot of damage to our kidneys.