Stop Using Vaseline Immediately! 4 Reasons You Should Never Put Petroleum Jelly On Your Skin

The main ingredient of Vaseline is petroleum jelly and is often use in many beauty products. There is no scent, works good for moisturizing and it is cheap.

Petroleum jelly can be found in the bottom of oil rigs and in order to be used further, it needs to be refined. In general it is noted that all of the harmful components are removed but some sources claim that there are still harmful content inside like hydrocarbons for example.

What is Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly is obtaining with oil refining process. It is not an eco-friendly product and there root for some problems.

Unfortunately this product can be found in many products from lotions to baby products,

There are several names but you should learn them in order to recognize them on the labels: Mineral Oil, Liquid Paraffin, and Paraffin Oil and Petrolatum.

It may look that the ability to hold moisture is a good thing; it can has some side effects. Because of the ability known as not water soluble, the petroleum jelly can create waterproof barrier on the skin.

This is no good for the skin, since the pores are blocked and can gather bacteria. This is one good reason why petroleum jelly should not be applied on a burn or sunburn. It may lock the heat and block the property to heal.
Regardless to the effect of moisturized skin, the petroleum jelly has noting in the content that nourishes the skin.

Problems with petroleum jelly

The blocked pores are not the only problem; there are other much bigger problems:

Harmful Hydrocarbons

The composition of petroleum jelly cannot be absorbed by the skin, so it stays on the skin as barricade. This prevents the skin to get the benefits form the jelly but instead it is absorbing in the fat tissue.

One study performed in 2011 found that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the biggest toxin for he human’s body. Dermal absorption, air inhalation, food intake are the possible routes of this toxin to get into the human’s body.

The study showed remarkable results. The presence of the toxin in the body and its transmission, for example from a mother to a child trough breastfeeding. In this case the hydrocarbons hooked on the skin during C-section and transfer to baby trough the breastfeeding process. The amount in the fat tissues and the amount in the breast milk found to be too strong. This proves that the long term accumulation is possible. There are no proven facts and correlation between nutritional habit and hydrocarbons but there are strong and potential link between cosmetic and beauty products and the contamination from the other side. This proves that beauty products can be the greatest source of contamination. From the study we learn that these substances are difficult to be remove because they build up in the body, and the transmission from moms to babies shows the potential passing of the contaminants.

Collagen Breakdown

The miner oil in the petroleum jelly creates barricade or barrier on the skin not allowing to breath and nourishes and causing the biggest fear- collagen breakdown.

This process of the mineral oil slows down the renewal of the cells, the cells need moisture and nutrients so they absorb from the skin thus making the collagen in the skin to break down eventually and causing wrinkles.

Estrogen Dominance

When the body is showing high levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone in order to balance it is creating and estrogen dominance. This leads to infertility; speed up aging, menstrual problems, allergies, autoimmune problems, sleeping disorders, nutrient deficiencies and even some kinds of cancer.

There are lots of products that have chemicals like xenoestrogens responsible for increasing the estrogen levels on the body. Also there are proves that they can affect the hormone receptor and creating an estrogen dominance.
More Serious problems

Hydrocarbon is not the only harmful ingredient, there are other chemicals like 1,4 dioxine a carcinogen chemical found in many beauty products which have been tested.

As we are warn there are other complications that may occur, even though more serious problems are not so often , but still there is a chance of !% were from a simple skin rush you can end up with a liver cancer simply explained.

Another serious problem is lipid pneumonia. As we mentioned it is a rare occurrence but if it happens this is due to inhalation of small amount of petroleum jelly, which further builds up in the lungs since we know that it cannot be metabolized and break down. This build up can cause serious severe lung inflammation.

Alternatives to petroleum products for the skin

Lots of alternatives are available instead of petroleum jelly here are some of them:

-- Shea Butter

This so called superfood is abundant with vitamin A, E and F. Beneficial fatty acids are common ingredient pleasant for nourishing the skin and reducing skin inflammation and increasing collagen production.

-- Cocoa Butter

Lots of antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids are part of this butter. There are proven evidences of reducing the aging process.

-- Beeswax

The waterproof and protective properties of petroleum jelly can be easily substituted with this ingredient and it will be without hydrocarbons. Beeswax is common ingredient in many homemade beauty products like lip balms o body creams.

-- Jojoba oil

This oil is perfect natural solution because its ability to resembles sebum, to nourish and protect the skin.

-- Almond oil

Very liquid oil with no fragrance suitable to nourishing the skin of all types;

-- Coconut oil

This oil is full with benefits for the skin. But it can cause some breakouts so it is advisable to be tried on small area first. For those that have no problem with breakouts have the benefit to enjoy the lauric acid, skin nourishing fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds.

-- Bottom Line

If you are one of those that had issue after using petroleum jelly this article is the right for you. Stop using petroleum jelly or Vaseline but try other listed oils or visit some sites where you can find simple recipes for beauty product preparations.

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