The Harvard Doctor Changing Nursing Homes Forever

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‘Growing old is actually very good’ says a Harvard trained physician, Dr. Bill Thomas, and also states that this is highly significant to know.

Dr. Thomas has been very popular in the news about his positive and somehow radical view of growing old. A Washington Post article has used his crusade in order to alter all the negative opinions concerning aging and also aid people to consider the ‘post adulthood’ as a good thing.

Dr. Thomas thinks that all the Americans consider the process of growing old as a thing that is very frightening, that it has a huge impact causing lack of autonomy, isolation, and loneliness.
Thomas was named a medical director in one nursing home in 1991, in upstate New York. He viewed this home as a very depressing home for the elderly and their bodies and minds were dispirited and dull.

So, did he make and what were the actions that he took in order to alter the lives of the old people and add some spark in their life? The Washington Post clarified that he made up a choice to change this place. He brought a lot of plants and made a flower and vegetable garden, and he also included 100 parakeets, four cats, several hens and rabbits, and two dogs, as well as a day-care for the kids for the staff.

This action was in fact a big revelation, even though having all those animals inside a nursing home was against the state law. The spirits and lives of the old people were much restored when they took care of the animals and plants, a lot of the people begin to dress up, get out of the room and eat again. The prescriptions utilized were reduced by about 50% that before and this mostly referred to the agitation medications. The cost of the drugs was going down rapidly and also the death rate.

Eden Alternative was the name given to this approach – according to the idea that this type of homes for the old people need to resemble a garden and not a hospital – and many other facilities also started to use this approach like the ones in Australia, Europe, Japan and Canada, and also in all the 50 U.S. states (the state of New York also voted down the animal restriction law).

Dr. Thomas also developed little, intimate residencies which were named Green House, in which people were designated their own bathroom and their own room.

The outcome was amazing – in just a month and half, all the wheelchairs were picked up in a truck. Thomas stated that the reason for the big use of wheelchair is because the facilities are quite bit.

This is the thing that shows in reality that age is nothing more than a number. And also the only thing that is missing is the loving touch whether from animals or people, and this proves that longevity ad happiness depend on the spirit and the mind.