The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout

There is a new, more sophisticated way of shaping your thighs, butt, and belly without causing any damage or stress to your joints, its a total change of your workout routine. Take a look at these 5 simple exercises that you can practice at home, and the best thing about them is that they don’t require any workout equipment. Do the exercises 4-5 times on weekly basis. Do 10 reps of each exercise, and control every move you make!

If you want to see the results even faster, you can try doing two sets of every exercise, and then you can go for another half an hour of cardio, 6 days in the week.

Windshield Wipers

Lie down on the floor with your legs against the wall, your feet should be pointing to the ceiling. Then gently lower your right leg, just like a clock, and try to form 3 o’clock with your legs, then return to the start position. Once you have, try to form 9 o’clock with your legs. Do the reps and then you can go on the next exercise.

  • Make it easier: Move away form the wall with your butt about 5 inches, and do the exercise.
  • Make it harder: Put an exercising band around your foot that moves around, and hold the band close to your hips, this will add extra pressure.

Wall Bridge

Just as the other exercise lie down with your butt on the wall, and your arms should be placed at the sides. Then bend your knees and put your feet 4 feet up on the wall. Gently lift your middle and lower back off the floor, but your shoulder blades shouldn’t lift from the floor. Then inhale and exhale very deeply, and you may return in your starting position.

  • Make it easier: Use the floor instead of the wall, and try keeping your feet flat.
  • Make it harder: Cross your left ankle over your right knee, that way only one foot is on the wall.

Wall Scissor

Start in the same position, with your feet planted on the wall and your knees bent. Place your elbows on the ground and lift your hips off the ground, use your hands by placing them on your hips to support your lower part of the body. Start walking up the wall with your feet, until your legs are completely straight. This is the starter position, now you can lower your right leg towards your head, but don’t bend your knees, keep both legs straight. Go back in the starter position and do it with the other leg.

  • Make it easier: Start about 5 inches away from the wall.
  • Make it harder: When you are lowering one of your legs, stop in the middle and pulse for a few times upwards, and then get it all the way down and back up on the wall.

Toe Reaches

The starting position is the same, but this time your heels should be pressed on the wall, and your legs should be completely straight. Reach with your left hand towards your right leg, and you should slightly lift your elbow off the ground. Go back in the starting position, and do it with the other hand.

  • Make it easier: Don’t reach for your feet, reach for your knees instead.
  • Make it harder: Do the exercise with your feet together.

Knee press

It is the same starting position, with your knees bent this time, and your feet should be 3 feet up on the wall. Then lift your butt off the ground and then you can cross your left ankle over your right knee. Don’t move anything, except pulsing with your knee towards the wall for 20 times.

  • Make it easier: Do the exercises with your butt on the ground.
  • Make it harder: With each rep you do, slightly lift your hips upwards and lower them.