This Is What Happen When You Put Cut Up Onion Inside Your Ear

A lot of scientific researches have proven the strong medical benefits of onions. They have the power to support the healthy function of the hormones, improve heart health, soothe the nerves and boost the immune system.

They are also beneficial in preventing the hardening of arteries, improving the elasticity of blood vessels, regulating blood pressure, and reducing cholesterol levels.

Onions can also assist in the battle of obesity, reduce the levels of blood sugar and also help the battle of diabetes type 2. They are also beneficial in cleansing the body due to its potent antibacterial properties.

Onions are very high in Quercetin, a flavonoid that is also a potent antioxidant that contains anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and anti-cholesterol properties.

This is mostly contained near the root and the rings that are closest to the skin.

Here is the way to use onions in order to help numerous medical problems:

Fight colds

As soon as you notice some indications of a cold, you can consume raw onion, or boil it and include honey and ginger, and consume the tea.

Fight fever

Take some potatoes and onions and combine them with some minced garlic and place them inside some socks. Put on the socks and go to sleep, and you also need to take a cloth to place on the forehead that has been soaked in ACV.

Soothe bee stings and other insect bites

For starters you need to take out the stinger, and after that put some crashed or grated white onion on the affected skin. The swelling will be reduced as a result of the anti-inflammatory properties and the allergic reactions hindered due to its ability to act as an antihistamine.

Heal burns

In order to treat burns, you just need to slice an onion and put the slice directly on the burn and let it work for 2 minutes. After that you can also take some whipped egg whites and put them on the burnt skin, leave them to dry and they will make a protective barrier and in the end use a bandage to wrap it up. This can help the healing process and it does not leave any scars.

Cure cuts

In order to hinder infections and clean the place of the cut, you need to put a slice of onion on it. On top put some onion skin to cover it and stop the bleed. You can also use gauze to wrap it nicely if the cut is bigger. Do this two times a day.

Soothe an earache and soften earwax buildup

Take an onion and put in inside the ear in order to make the earwax softer and treat and earache. Let it act during the whole night.

Soothe cough

Take one bigger onion, slice it in 2 pieces and put ½ a tablespoon of brown sugar on the tops of the pieces. After about 60 minutes, the syrupy content needs to be hollowed and consume it two times on a daily basis. it can also be prepared as an onion and honey juice.

Eliminate an eye irritant

You can stimulate the tears flow by cutting a piece of an onion and this is helpful in eliminating the eye irritant.

Treat surgical wounds

Onions are also very beneficial in helping the healing process of scars and wounds, for people with darker skin in particular.

Fight infections

For infected wounds you can use an onion paste.

To prepare this you need to boil a little bit of milk, and after that pour it on a thick piece of white bread and also add some grated onion, and then make it into a paste. Use this paste on the previously cleaned skin, let it some time to become hard and this will eliminate the infection in just a couple of hours.