Turmeric And Honey – The Strongest Antibiotic From Nature

Turmeric is considered as the most popular spice which has powerful culinary and medical properties. It has been generally utilized as a bit of the Indian, Chinese, and Ayurvedic pharmaceutical for a long time.

Turmeric has specific color and amazing flavor and has been utilized as a bit of the medications of gastric issues, wounds, liver diseases, respiratory issues, skin conditions, cuts, and sprains in muscles.

Diverse examinations have demonstrated that turmeric is to an exceptional degree beneficial in the treatment of inflammation, infections, digestion issues, and also cancer.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is its active ingredient and it provides numerous medical advantages, as it mitigates inflammation, gives antioxidants, treats microorganisms, and different others.

Turmeric is efficient in eliminating microorganisms, turmeric treats Helicobacter pylori, stomach related tract issues, gastritis, peptic and gastric ulcers.

Specialists have discovered that curcumin

  • Positively changes 160 physiological issues and 700 qualities
  • Has a positive outcome on the films in the human cells
  • Has a positive outcome on the DNA, inflammation particles, and cell survival.

Curcumin is also very efficient in reducing osteoarthritis torment, because of the proficient reducing properties. To enhance transportability and also relieve the pain, it is recommended to take 200mg of turmeric every day.

Specialists likewise uncover that this flavor treats autoimmune issue, neurological issues, liver issues, heart and lung issues, metabolic issues, and inflammatory issues, and furthermore Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s illness.

Moreover, newest animal research has discovered that turmeric also has turmerone, a bioactive thing that has the ability to treat Alzheimer’s disease, lift the function of the mind, and repair cerebrum cells.

Also, its medical properties quell beta-amyloid, which made plaque and thusly interrupts with this illness.

Numerous researches also discovered that curcumin, because of its solid anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties, agreeably treat a broad assortment of cancer, including stomach, chest, colon, lung, liver, and gut cancers.

As indicated by the popular natural physician, Dr. William Lavalley, this settling impacts cancer cells because of atom ways when it gets into the cells, squashing the harming cells while leaving the sound cells unaffected, which s not the same with chemotherapy.

And also the combination of raw honey and turmeric offers a extended variety of medical advantages. This blend helps digestion, battles viruses and bacteria, and manufactures the measure of good microorganisms in the intestinal tracts.

This amazing recipe joins all these remedial purposes of enthusiasm of these typical fixings and addresses the best trademark antibiotic:



  • 100 g honey
  • 1 tablespoon Organic turmeric powder


Combine the two ingredients into a glass jar.


It is recommended to take ½ a tablespoon of this cure on every hour in case of the flu or cold. The following day, take a similar measurements but on 2 hours. The third day, take the same measure three times amidst the day.

Do not swallow it immediately, first hold it in your mouth to melt. You can additionally savor it in some tea or milk.

Source: justorganicremedies.com