When Was The Last Time You Detox Your Body To Get Rid Of Parasites, Viruses And Fungal Infections?

One of the best all-natural ways of all time to cleanse your body from toxins and remove the waste accumulated inside it, is the coconut oil detox method. It is a perfect way to eliminate viruses, fungal infections, bacteria and parasites as well.

Many people wonder why this detoxification method is so special and potent. Well, it is quite simple, the coconut oil can boost your immune system and build it up because it is made out of medium chain triglycerides. It contains big amounts of lauric and caprylic acid, which both have powerful antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties.

The compounds we mentioned are attacking the foreign pathogens or the bacteria, and they are not harming the healthy ones at all, which provides a well balanced gut flora in our digestive system. According to many studies, it was proven that the coconut oil can get rid of yeast easily and some other fungal overgrowth similar to that one.

Other Benefits to Adding Coconut Oil into Your Daily Diet

According to Dr. Fife’s book, the coconut oil can provide the following health benefits and can cure some diseases:

  • Improves our digestive funciton
  • Improves our mental clarity and brain health
  • Improves the control over the blood sugar
  • Improves our skin’s appearance and tone
  • Improves the function of our thyroid
  • Loses excess body fat
  • Restores and protects joint functions
  • Boosts our immune system and its function
  • Boosts the levels of energy
  • Boosts the good (HDL) cholesterol
  • Prevents form cancer
  • Prevents from cardiovascular diseases (stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure)
  • Treats and prevents from degenerative brain diseases (MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s)
  • Treats and Prevents from Crohn’s disease
  • Balances our intestinal flora
  • Prevents from parasitic, fungal, viral and bacterial infections

How to Detox your Body with a Coconut Oil Cleanse

  • For this detox, first you will need raw, organic extra virgin coconut oil, that way you will get the most benefits out of it.
  • During the detoxification method, you will need to drink a lot of water, that way the bacteria and parasites will flush much easier out of your body.
  • If you haven’t used coconut oil and it is your first time, you cannot start with the detox method right away, first you need to start consuming it through your diet. Start by consuming half or one teaspoon of coconut oil, 3 times on daily basis. That way you need to work to 2 or 3 tablespoons of coconut oil on daily basis. To get to this amount, you will need about 2 weeks, not more. Once you are okay with consuming this amount of coconut oil, you may start with the coconut oil detoxification method.


  • First you will start by consuming a mix of warm water and coconut oil, three times on daily basis, for a week.
  • During this week, you will consume about 10 to 14 tablespoons of the oil on daily basis. It is best to take 2 tablespoons of the oil every 2 hours, throughout the day.
  • If you don’t like how the coconut oil tastes, you can mix it with some unsweetened, unflavored and organic yogurt.
  • You are also allowed to eat 4 ounces of fresh, coconut meat (non-dried), which is very rich with nutrients and fiber, and and beneficial bacteria that is needed by our gut.

Source: livingtraditionally.com