Why Oregano Essential Oil is One of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known to SCIENCE

One of the best antibiotics out there is the oregano oil. This is a very powerful herb, that has very strong healing properties. The oregano herb contains three times more antioxidants than the blueberries and eight times more than the apples. The only way to protect yourself from free radical damage, is with the intake of antioxidants. They are also boosting our immunity system naturally. Also one of the most potent plant oils in the world is the oregano oil!

The oregano oil was used back in Ancient Greece. If you translate it in Ancient Greek language, it means “Joy of the Mountains”. They were the first people to use it due to its medical benefits, because they knew it was a strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antigungal and antiviral, and also they used it to treat inflammation and chronic pain. It was used as the most common antibacterial by Hippocrates. Mostly its leaves were used to treat digestive and respiratory diseases and issues.

Oregano Oil Benefits

Lets discuss the main ingredients of the oregano oil, it is a mineral density powerhouse and it is a rich source of iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, manganese, boron, copper, potassium, Niacin, and vitamins A and C (beta-carotene).

Oregano Oil has 4 Main Groups of Chemicals that are Active Healing Agents

The phenols including the thymol and the carvacrol, are acting as antioxidants and antiseptics. The terpenes, terpinene and pinene contain anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiseptic properties. The two alcohols that are found in the oregano oil are the borneol and the linalool, and they have antiseptic and antiviral properties. There are some esters, like geranyl acetate and linalyl acetate, and they have antifungal properties. Even though that all of these ingredients and compounds have healing properties, the most important one is the carvacrol. Because according to many researches, this compound was proven many times to be one of the most effective natural antibiotics ever!

Oregano Oil Benefits

The real Mediterranean Oregano to be only from the organum vulgare kind or the Thymus capitatus, which is native to Spain and it can only be found in that area. Be very aware that the oregano oil only from these two kinds is effective and has these healing properties. Also it has to contain carvacrol more than 70% or more. The organic oregano oil doesn’t create any side effects or strains that can be harmful, and they don’t cause any antibiotic resistance as well. Mostly it is effective against deadly bacteria and even better, it doesn’t cause any biological changes inside our body. The oregano oil is also nourishing our body, and cannot create any nutrient resistance such as other antibiotics can. And statistically people who live in the Mediterranean are living a lot longer than any part of the world. Maybe that is because they add the oregano oil to almost every dish they eat!

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